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Frequently Asked Questions


If I'm enrolled in a pay after deletion credit repair program, why is there an initial fee?


Although we have done our best to keep this initial fee as low as possible, we do charge a fee for initial setup, review and audit of your file. We have found that once someone invests money into their credit repair project, the chances of their success improves by over 80%.

How is Absolute Credit Solutions different from other credit repair companies?

Most credit repair companies either charge you entirely upfront for their services or charge an initial fee plus a monthly fee. These 2 business models have nothing to do with results and therefore removes any incentive from a company to do a good job. Our pay after deletion program has been specifically developed to ensure that we will ALWAYS have an incentive to do our best. 

Why am I charged per item, per credit bureau?

Transunion, Experian, and Equifax are three separate entities who report three separate updates on each of our credit reports. We must manually send three different forms of verification and validation to three separate businesses as opposed to sending it just one; for this reason you pay per item, per bureau. 

Is there a guarantee?

Federal Law prevents any credit service organization from guaranteeing the deletion of a specific item from your reports and also the guaranteeing a certain score increase. However, we are so confident in our program that we choose to offer a Money Back Guarantee. We are one of the only companies that offer the client the option of paying after they see results, since you are not paying for the deletions until AFTER you see actual results, there is no need to guarantee funds paid for each deletion, if you don’t have any deletions, you won’t have a bill. However we still have people who ask us for a guarantee because they are paying the $99 initial audit fee.


We will provide a 100% Money Back Guarantee based on the conditions below.


If after 3 months we do not delete a minimum of $99 worth of items from your credit report we will return your $99 initial audit fee.



  • We must have continued access to your updated 3 bureau credit report via an approved online credit monitoring service

  • You must have provided us with all necessary documentation (Driver’s License, SS Card, and Updated Proof of Address)

  • All payments must be current and up to date without a returned payment

  • You must request refund at end of month 3

Can Absolute Credit Solutions pull my credit reports?

Credit service organizations cannot pull credit reports for their clients. Section 604 of the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) prohibits the credit bureaus from furnishing credit reports to third parties for any reasons outside of the FCRA definition of "permissible purposes" which include determination of credit worthiness, underwriting of insurance, and employment screening. You will need to obtain your own credit reports by clicking the "3 Reports" tab located at the top of this page, and of course, we will be happy to assist you with this process if needed. 

Is Absolute Credit Solutions' program legal?


In the credit system, it feels at times as though you are guilty until you prove your innocence. Federal law gives you the right to request an investigation of any credit listing on your credit reports that you feel may be inaccurate, misleading, biased, incomplete, untimely or unverifiable (any questionable items). Below is a list of Federal Acts in place to protect your consumer rights: 


FCRA - Fair Credit Reporting Act (Click to download pdf)

FDCPA - Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (Click to download pdf)

FACT Act - Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (Click to download pdf)

FCBA - Fair Credit Billing Act (Click to download pdf)

HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (Click to download pdf)


Can I do this myself?


It is much like your right as a citizen to bypass legal representation and represent yourself in a court of law. Most people choose our program because it has been developed based on enforcement of the 5-Federal Acts listed above and years of experience. However, with proper research and experience, you could attempt to do this yourself. 

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