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Initial Audit/File Review Fee – $99 – This fee is due AFTER we obtain your information, review your file and enter information into our database.


ABSOLUTELY NO Automatic Bank Drafts – We believe in our program so much, that we do not ask any of our clients for their bank account information. This now gives you true peace of mind knowing that you will only pay us AFTER we delete items from you Credit Reports. After 45 days of working on your file, we allow you to choose the date that you would like to make your payment. There is no other credit repair company that allows their clients to choose when they want to pay for their deleted items AFTER the work has been done. This allows mutual trust and shows you why we feel we are a true leader in this industry.

  • ALL Deletions – $50 Per Item, Per Bureau – Bankruptcies | Judgments |Tax Liens |Collections| Charge-offs | Repossessions | Medical Bills | Foreclosures 

  • Technical Data – Included per item per credit bureau – Name variation and/or address deletions

  • Late Payments - FREE DELETIONS! As a courtesy to our current clients, we delete late payments absolute free!

  • Credit Monitoring Fees – The credit monitoring services required will cost $31.99 per month.

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